“GG-grade defense…answers wherever you put him” Coach’s confidence in Kim Ha-sung

From second base to shortstop to third base, you can count on him to play any position. It’s one of his biggest strengths.

San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin spoke to local media, including 93.7 The Fan, ahead of the team’s home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on April 19, and praised Kim’s position flexibility.

“He’s a great defender,” Melvin said, “He’s got great instincts, he’s got great hands, he’s got great speed,” and he praised Kim’s defensive abilities.

Kim will start at third base in place of Manny Machado, who is nursing a sore elbow.

It’s been a while since he played third base at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 8th. However, Kim showed good form in the previous game, calmly handling hard-hit balls.

“Third base defense is different than other positions, even as a backup or in this situation,” Melvin said. He hasn’t played third base in a long time and he’s doing it with great instincts,” Melvin said, praising Kim’s defense.

“I think he’s one of the best defenders in the league right now. He’s playing Gold Glove-level defense. Wherever you put him, he’s responding,” he said, calling Kim’s defense Gold Glove-caliber.

Meanwhile, the Padres moved up Sunday’s game to play a doubleheader a day later in the aftermath of Hurricane Hillary, which is expected to move through the San Diego area over the weekend.온라인바카

“Darvish will pitch one of the two games, and then somebody will come up and pitch the other game,” Melvin said of the doubleheader starting rotation. The 27th player available for the doubleheader would be used as the starter for the other game.

Machado, who has been the designated hitter for two straight games, is also expected to play third base in one of the two games of the doubleheader.

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