Portugal “Kang Seung-won will be a great soccer player”

South Korean professional soccer player Lee Seung-won (20-Gangwon FC) has been praised by a European expert for his potential to “shine brightly”.

Fifth-year scout Marc Pinho (Portugal) said on Wednesday (June 3), “A young talent who wants to shine. Amazing passing and vision. Destined for greatness,” and rated Lee’s potential at 9 out of 10.

Pigneau is the Korean and Japanese representative for the talent agency Youth Scouting. “He has a real sense of assertiveness that doesn’t let personal greed or bad ideas cloud his judgment,” he said, adding that he has high hopes for Lee’s leadership.

Lee won the Bronze Ball (3rd MVP) at the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2023. He captained the national team and helped South Korea to a fourth-place finish with three goals and four assists in seven games.

Playing in four different positions – defensive midfielder, central midfielder, attacking midfielder, and second striker – he averaged 82.3 minutes per game and created 1.09 attacking points per 90 minutes.

Sixth-year scout Miguel Peheira (Portugal) summarized Lee’s strengths as ▲ decision-making to choose the most appropriate play based on the changing game situation ▲ vision to read the game plan ▲ vision to identify teammates ▲ passing ability ▲ and consistency.

In June 2022, Lee shined in South Korea’s 4-1 victory over the Czech Republic U18 team at the Lisbon Tournament, playing 56 minutes as captain and central midfielder and scoring the opening goal.

Last year’s Korea-Czech Republic match was played at the home stadium of Portuguese Primeira Liga (1st Division) club Caja Pia. This may be one of the reasons why the Portuguese soccer world started to take an interest in Lee.온라인바카

The official website of English Premier League (EPL) club Wolverhampton Arabic (/news/arabic/), which revealed in June this year that “I heard that Lee Seung-won could be seen in Europe soon,” is also Portuguese.

Wolverhampton has a strong Portuguese connection, having fielded 25 Portuguese players in the club’s 146-year history, behind only Scotland (54), Wales (37), and Ireland (36).

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