“Sleeping in the bullpen, skipping practice…” Middleton on his former team’s CWS atmosphere

There’s a reason they’re not performing.

On July 7, ESPN published an interview with right-handed reliever Khaylen Middleton, who was traded from the Chicago White Sox to the New York Yankees, about the lax culture within the White Sox organization.

In the interview, Middleton revealed that the White Sox had “no rules.” There were no rules or guidelines for the players to follow, he claimed, which led to a disorganized team atmosphere.

“There were instances of rookies sleeping in the bullpen during games and skipping meetings and PFPs (pitcher’s fielding practice) without permission. The problem is that nothing was done about it,” he said of the team atmosphere at his former organization.

ESPN, citing multiple sources, said there were others who witnessed Middleton’s alleged behavior. The White Sox organization declined to comment.

Middleton said, “I’ve been hearing about it since I got to spring training and it happened last year. It happened again this year. I didn’t know what I could do to change it. There was no one to tell me, ‘Don’t miss meetings,’ or ‘Don’t miss PFP,’ and if I did, it was just ‘okay,'” Middleton said, criticizing the team atmosphere.

The White Sox have a new manager, Pedro Griffol, after Tony La Russa stepped down for health reasons last year. With eight games remaining, the White Sox are in fourth place in the American League West with a record of 45 wins and 68 losses.

With a postseason berth virtually eliminated, the team has traded Middleton, as well as Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Kendall Graveman, Joe Kelly, Reynaldo Lopez and Jake Berger.

Citing sources, ESPN reported that during a trip to Toronto in April, the White Sox held a team meeting to discuss their early-season struggles, during which only the pitchers spoke up.

“The pitchers were trying to do the right thing every day,” Middleton said. I don’t think the rest of the team did a good job of doing the right thing,” Middleton said, noting that the veteran pitchers on the team did nothing wrong.

Part of the reason the White Sox didn’t have the right team chemistry was that veterans like Lynn and Graveman didn’t have a full camp together because of the World Baseball Classic.

“If you’re trying to create a culture, you need the big dogs. Those two guys who went to the WBC were our big dogs,” he said, lamenting the absence of players who could monitor the culture and set the tone.온라인바카

“Some players didn’t want to speak up when they should have,” he said, noting that players who should have been there to set the tone for the team didn’t do their part.

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